The Crask Inn: the Auld Kirk in home and hearth

The Crask Inn is something unique. A working Inn, hosted by Mike and Kai Geldard, it sits alone close to Alltnahara and is a way-station for those seeking openness, peace and the raw beauty of the Highlands.

We gather there monthly and what a gathering it is. People come from miles around – from Tongue, Dornoch, Tain, Invergordon, Ullapool and beyond. It is a family whose life comes together for a time to be fed spiritually and physically and takes that life back out into the wider world.

The worship is simple but joyful, encouraging exploration and discussion. The Eucharist gathers God’s people together to be fed with his life and that fellowship of love is continued in the bar over lunch provided my Mike, Kai and willing volunteers.

Meeting in a home, gathering from all around, sharing the life of God and sharing the food God provides. It exemplifies the manner of worship as it might have been for the earliest people of The Way, revealing the falsity of the barriers between sacred and secular.

Service Times

The main service is the Holy Eucharist. This takes place at Noon on the third Thursday of each month. In the event that a priest is unavailable to represent the Bishop at the Eucharist, communion will be offered from the Reserved Sacrament, from a previous Eucharistic service.