Quaker Meeting for Worship

The Religious Society of Friends, better known as the Quakers have joined with members of The Auld Kirk to form a new ‘Meeting for Worship’. Worshipping in ‘the manner of Friends’ takes the form of a time of silent waiting upon God. Quakers recognise there is ‘that which is of God’, or the Inner Light, within all people – indeed in all things. This silent worship is an act of deep communion in the Light.

Quakers do not have fixed creeds or doctrines but seek to discern the reality of God in the spirit of contemplation and deep listening.

At times the silence may be broken audibly, though not in spirit, by somebody offering verbal ministry. As all are regarded as priests of God, any may offer thoughts, insights, even questions. Each is offered into the silent communion of those gathered, so that the words may perhaps speak to one or more of those waiting upon the Light of God.

Meeting for Worship is held at 11am on the second Wednesday and 2.30pm on the fourth Sunday of each month. All are welcome. All may offer ministry.