Move of St. Curetan’s, Invershin to Ardgay

Over the past two years a congregation has diligently met in Invershin on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month, to offer Eucharist together and to share in the study of scripture in an informal way.

Recently, for a number of reasons, the gathering has met, on and off, at the house of Liz and Buster Crabb in Ardgay. This has proven to be a natural environment in which to gather. Following discussion with the regular worshipped, Liz and Buster have offered their home on a permanent basis.

From the second Tuesday in April we will now gather at Liz and Buster’s house to share fellowship. The worship and fellowship begins at 10.30 and all are welcome. You do not have to be a Episcopalian! It is an informal and ecumenical gathering.

For details of how to get to the house, please call Liz on 01863 766011.

We look forward to seeing you.