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Christmas services in East Sutherland and Tain

Services are being held across the Scottish Episcopal Church in East Sutherland and Tain throughout the festive season.

All are invited to attend. Where Holy Communion is being celebrated every person is welcome to receive of the gist of Christ’s life in the sacrament regardless of tradition.

We wish you a holy, blessed and peaceful Christmas.


Chris, Mission Priest to East Sutherland and Tain


Thursday 18th 7pm Advent Carol Service
Christmas Eve 11.30pm Midnight Mass
Christmas Day 10.30am Christmas Morning Service (Communion from the Reserved Sacrament)
Sunday 28th 11am Sunday service


Christmas Eve 11.30pm Midnight Mass
Christmas Day 9.30am Christmas Morning Service (Communion from the Reserved Sacrament)
Sunday 28th 11am Sunday service


Christmas Day 8.15am Mass of Christmas Morning


Monday 22nd 9.30am Advent meditation
Christmas Day 10.30am Mass of Christmas Morning
Sunday 28th 9.30am Sunday service

After the day

I originally wrote the following on Facebook in response to what I saw happening in Glasgow and a couple of more minor observed incidents in one of my Charges yesterday afternoon.

Over the past day I’ve seen respectful behaviour from Yes voters. I’ve seen respectful behaviour from No voters.

I’ve also witnessed appalling militant behaviour from those who voted on either side.

These militants do not represent the vast majority of either side. They are simply people too full of themselves. They aren’t reasoned adherents to a point of view. They are small-minded, exhibiting the worst expressions of tribalism (note the ISM there).

The majority have acted with decency and, today,  grace.

Let’s not concentrate on the idiocy of a marginal few but instead on our own behaviour. To the ‘No’ camp I ask that you understand the deep hurt and disappointment (indeed potential disenfranchisement) of those of us who believed that an independent Scotland was the best future for our nation. To the ‘Yes’ camp I ask that you understand that most amongst us who voted ‘No’ did so because they also honestly believed it was the best future for our nation.

More than ever we need to listen. More than ever the people need to unite to keep a momentum going to ensure a true democracy for Scotland. Ultimately it isn’t politicians who change us. It is we ourselves who ensure change happens.

Our communities must now find ways to make our voices heard. For me personally I see my major role as a community priest now to be as someone helping others in my communities to find their voice in all this. I will be feeling my way on this for quite some time but it must be small villages,  towns and Hamlets that find a voice to hold our political elite to account and ensure true change at the grassroots. If I can be a part of that in a small way then thanks be to God.

Let the real winners be our communities, whatever the system of government is today and whatever it might yet become.

When I pray today I will pray for all the communities amongst whom I am privileged to serve in varying ways. I care for them as my sisters and brothers in humanity,  not as voters who put a cross in a particular box.

A Church for Scotland

I wear a number of hats. As well as being the Charge Priest for East Sutherland and Tain I have roles at the Diocesan and Provincial (national) levels. It is an honour, privilege and joy to be able to serve the Church I love in such a variety of ways.

Bishop Mark: preparing for the referendum

Bishop Mark has asked that all diocesan churches be opened for prayer throughout the day on the Saturday before the Referendum. This is to allow people the space to reflect and offer to God their thoughts on this important decision.

A new website

Today is the launch of the new website for the Scottish Episcopal Church congregations in East Sutherland and Tain.