St. Columba’s Brora – The Quiet Space

Sunday Eucharist in Brora

Due to the fire at St. Columba’s, we have been looking for a temporary home whilst the building is assessed and either repaired or replaced.

We are delighted and thankful that our Roman Catholic sisters and brothers are happy to host worship on Sunday mornings. We will meet the usual time of 9.30am on the second and fourth Sundays of each month at Christ The King in Brora.

Quaker Meeting for Worship

The Religious Society of Friends, better known as the Quakers have joined with members of The Auld Kirk to form a new ‘Meeting for Worship’. Worshipping in ‘the manner of Friends’ takes the form of a time of silent waiting upon God. Quakers recognise there is ‘that which is of God’, or the Inner Light, within all people – indeed in all things. This silent worship is an act of deep communion in the Light.

St. Columba’s: the thin place between heaven and earth….

The Tin Tabernacle of St. Columba’s: a waystation of the Auld Kirk on the journey into the depths of the divine.

Within the heart of Brora is Saint Columba’s Scottish Episcopal Church building. It is one of the last of the ‘Tin Tabernacles’ in the British Isles. Originally a temporary construction for the St. Andrew’s in Tain, it was dismantled and transported via horse and cart via Bonar Bridge and put back together in the coastal village of Brora.

Both the building and the community that gathers there have a reflective and peaceful quality. This is a place where you lay your burdens down and in the quiet of your soul allow the Divine Life to gently embrace you. God, it is said, speaks in the language of silence, but it takes a quietened heart to hear.

This is the place where, in the stillness, all are welcomed by God. No one is excluded. All are held close to God’s heart. It is a place of inclusion, of absolute communion. We emphasise that in God there is ‘no slave nor free, no male or female’. For that matter there is no difference between white or black or any other colour; there is no difference between old nor young; there is no difference between straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex. All are welcome because we are all the Children of God. We are embraced for who we are and we celebrate it. Inclusion is the character of the Kingdom of God.

Service Times

The main Sunday service is the Holy Eucharist. This takes place on the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 9.30am.

In the event that a priest is unavailable to represent the Bishop at the Eucharist, communion will be offered from the Reserved Sacrament, from a previous Eucharistic service.

A service of quiet reflection, The Quiet Time, is held every other Monday at 9.30am. Details will be on the monthly notice board outside the Church building.

Other service details for special celebrations and moments of reflection will be listed on the monthly notice board.