St. Curetan’s Mission, Ardgay: gathering to hold a community before God

St. Curetân’s Mission, Ardgay: a prayerful gathering

St. Curetân’s gathers not in it’s own church building but in within one of the houses in Ardgay. It exists in order to provide a point of prayerful presence set amongst the community.

The community meets quietly and all are welcome to join. The atmosphere is one of peace, watchfulness and companionship. All are seekers exploring their own journey towards The Light. There is much time of silence, shared discussion and a gentle waiting upon the divine life of the Spirit.

In the offering of the Eucharist, the thankful response to God-with-us, the people are held in heart and mind and love.

Service Times

The main service is the Holy Eucharist. This takes place at 10.30am on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. In the event that a priest is unavailable to represent the Bishop at the Eucharist, communion will be offered from the Reserved Sacrament, from a previous Eucharistic service.